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About Secure Factors

SecureFactors Corp. is a spin-off of Pragma Systems, Inc. of Austin, Texas, which has a large commercial SSH server and clients installed base worldwide and a top tier client list ( US Army, HSBC, Cisco, McKesson, Microsoft, Oracle Cloud). With SSH's growing use in the cloud, some key customers have approached us for broader cloud-focused security products (centralized key management, SSH secured remote desktop access, browser-based access being three key interest areas ).

SecureFactors was founded to serve this emerging cloud-based secure access market. It offers the tightest security of SSH, SSL that are time tested and new additions like multi-factor authentication, interoperability to manage hybrid clouds and use of stronger cryptography to combat cyber hacking.


Why to Choose us


Access any systems, any where using just a browser. No VPN is needed. SF Cloud provides the always-on connectivity fabric, even to systems behind firewalls


Systems can be Virtual Machines or Containers in a cloud, or they can be in enterprises or homes behind firewalls.

SSH Secure Transport

FIPS Certified, Military grade SSH & SSL communications are used for the SF cloud fabric which encrypts all commands and responses


Remote access is protected with Multi-Factor authentication and smart card/DoD CaC card compliant tightest security. TOTP, Yubikey two-factor authentication can also be used for wide adoption to a mass audience.